Landmark Homes

Let’s start a conversation.

Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, or just have a basic sense of what you need, we want to learn more about you. We’re committed to building homes that reflect the personality of our clients and fit the needs of their families, and that starts with your vision.

We work on projects that are fully custom-designed from the bottom up and we also develop and build large communities of hundreds of homes. We build additions, decks, and rehabilitate historic homes where every floorboard had to meet strict restoration guidelines. Whether the project is big or small, a custom home on a single lot or a piece of a large community, we always strive to find the right touches to make each home stand out. 

No matter the size of the project or the type of construction, we approach every job with the intent of building a home as unique as the people who will someday live in them.

Elsewhere on this website, you’ll find examples of the models that we have available and the communities where we’re currently creating. Every Landmark home is built with the best materials available, and the finishing touches that you’ll often see as expensive extras elsewhere – upgraded tiles and trim, kitchen cabinets and hardwood floors – come standard in our homes. At the start of every build, we walk you through all the choices we can make to create a space that best reflects your lifestyle and makes your home a Landmark.

A Brief History of the Company

In 2010, Zachary Pearce and Aravin Pratapagiri partnered to create Landmark Homes, a firm dedicated to constructing high-quality homes while delivering exceptional customer service. As CEO, Zach oversees the company’s daily operations, including the design and construction of each home, while Aravin lends his business acumen to acquisitions, technology and capital investments.

Through the years as our company has grown, so have our services. As part of our parent company, Landmark Inc., we now have a real estate division with Milestone Realty Group and a property management and rental division with LMK Investments. We also offer several other services related to the design, construction, and maintenance of your new Landmark Home, please see our services page for more info!